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Processing and Finishing

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Processing & Finishing

  • Polishing
  • Shot Blasting
  • Satin Finishing
  • Prep for Paint
  • Bright Buff Mirror Finish
  • Customized Finishing & Assembly
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    Cleaned Machine with Conveyor Debur Prepare Finish

    Debur, Prepare or Finish

  • Aliminum
  • Zinc
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plastic
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    Bright Buff

    Polishing and proper surface preparation are vital in achieving a finish that can then be buffed. We use a series of abrasive materials prior to buffing to completely polish any defects caused by the manufacturing or handling of components. This insures that the final product reaches the level of luster defined by our customer base. Hard buffing with abrasive compound to remove polishing marks followed by a color operation which removes compound residue is typical. We also provide buffing services for a number of industries that require a visually appealing finish or a surface ready for further processing such as plating or painting.

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    Non Cosmetic Blast

    Blasting is a form of texturing that helps with adhesion which is ideal for powder coating. The peened surface is rough but can be easily coated with most powdered paint. Magnetic flow control valves allow for precise flow of media, combined with conveyor belt speed control gives us the ability to provide cosmetic or non-cosmetic blasted finishes.

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    Cosmetic Blast

    Separate blasting cabinets contain a variety of media providing different surface roughness and visual appearances that can then be assembled as is or processed further. Polishing or deburring are typically done prior to blasting, this removes parting lines or marks left by forming or handling, parts are then blasted for visual or textural finish.

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    Brushed metal is a finish defined by its brush like lines left on the surface of many components being manufactured today. Polishing again is extremely important to prepare surfaces for brushing. We can achieve this with a number of abrasives and specialized processing which allow us to meet or exceed the industry standards. Anodizing, painting and cosmetic brushing are all common uses for a brushed finish. Custom operations can and have been developed on numerous metals to enhance the appearance to desired results. Highly skilled trained professionals and well defined processes all contribute to a consistent quality brushed finish.

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    Deburring is a critical first step in the finishing of any metal work piece. There are many methods we use today to begin processing such as a simple hand file, pneumatic tools or belt sanding. Skilled professionals target specific areas removing burrs, parting lines or sharp edges leaving the work pieces safe to handle during multiple step operations. Polishing and blasting can also be used as a technique for deburing high volume components.